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Unlike other companies and designers in the Czech Republic we do the following:

A mobile shop comes to you – nobody else will offer bigger selection in your house:

A designer Radomir Petroš brings several hundreds of fabrics in several thousands of colours for the meeting with you. it makes several large suitcases of samples. So you can choose from a huge number of samples at home – we can say that a shop comes to you for a few hours. If agreed designer also brings you samples and shading devices such as blinds, shutters, plissé, awnings, etc., and wallpaper, carpets and cornices. Offers in this amount are practically not performed by any other Czech company.

You can rely on a designer who has 20 years of experience in the Czech Republic:

Our designer Radomir Petroš has had twenty years of experience in the field and more than 1500 realized projects and satisfied customers. It is hard to find another such experienced designer in the Czech Republic. Some firms also report great numbers of orders, but in the vast majority its work of a team of people. In addition, there are designers with years of experience, they are far from so many successfully finished projects.

Check our work – look at hundreds of photographs of our own work:

We have nothing to hide. Therefore, you can see our work and evaluate it! In the photo gallery on this website there are hundreds of photographs to be found. These are all (except the separate section profigalerie) original photographs of implementations of company Petroš interior. Here you can easily verify if we can meet your expectations and requirements. Such an extensive gallery of completed orders is not found at any other Czech company with a similar specialization. (Be careful – and do not swallow the bite: Many other companies do not use photos of their own work. They use the help of professional pictures from their suppliers!)

You can also decide on the basis of dozens of personal recommendations:

The vast majority of our customers has been satisfied with company Petroš interior. Therefore, they left their comments. These messages can be found on this website in the Reference section – our customers response. You can verify reliability of Petroš interior by reading dozens of personal recommendations. Only a few Czech companies can publish as many verifiable recommendations from their customers.

We use highly specialized professional technique, the result corresponds:

We specialize in the design and manufacture of window decorating and shading techniques. That is why we use a highly specialized professional sewing machines and technical equipment, which allows perfect processing and professional appearance of products. Ordinary sewing workshops do not usually have such technique available. What is more, they do not usually have much expert experience – which may also negatively affect the outcome.

You remain in our care in the future. We do not change phone numbers or addresses, as we work personally:

Certainly we will not forget about you the moment we hang the curtains, draperies and shading devices (as many other companies do). On the contrary, you get into a family of our valued customers which goes along with a range of benefits and care. Our address and telephone numbers have not changed in the years. Work is done by a particular person who you can see on this website in the section About us – Team. Whenever you need, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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