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Now you have reached the decision to get curtains, pelmets, blinds, decorative windows, shading devices, wallpaper and carpets into your new interior. The most convenient solution for you in this situation is to invite a designer.

Why a designer?

Designer can help you select the appropriate type of decoration and shading techniques that will fit exactly your apartment or house. He will advise you with ideal combinations of colours and suitable materials. For those, he will recommend and suggest the best type of sewing and hanging. He will establish and calculate the material consumption for everything you will need. He will recommend you window decorations along with suitable upholstery, carpets, wallpapers and shading techniques according to your wish.

It is the best to pick fabrics right in the interior, because you can immediately compare the colour of sofa, walls, furniture, etc., at local light conditions. It makes you sure that you chose correctly.

The best way to make an appointment with the designer is to fill a short form „Invite a designer to your home“, see below. The designer will then call you and make an appointment with you and arrange other details. The designer can communicate in English.

Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by a number of samples from which you can choose

Once the designer comes to you, you will be surprised by the amount of samples that he will bring along. I dare say that in this respect he is the only one in the Czech Republic who brings such a great number of samples. The amount you can count to hundreds of colours and a few thousand. There are normally 5 to 8 large suitcases plus even more swatches of wallpaper, carpets and shielding techniques according to your wish.The patterns are naturally categorized into a system, so there is no need to review everything. You certainly need not to worry you will not be able to choose.

Our tip:

You yourself can influence from how many fabrics you will be choosing and you can also set the price

The number of samples chosen especially for you can still be increased: the more precisely you specify your requirements, the more accurate the number of fabrics in the pre-selection of samples will be – and you will also have wider choice. Ideally, when you send pictures of the interiors that you wish to be decorated, where the basic colours and the style can be seen. Your photos make your pre-selection of materials easier and more precise and you'll even have more options. They are good for a successful selection but they are not necessary.

You can also affect the price range. Just tick the boxes carefully in the order of the visit of the designer, (the form can be found below on this page). Depending on the price range you tick, the designer will bring appropriate materials. You can tell if you wish to choose from cheap fabrics in the price range from around 300 to 500 crowns per square meter, or fabrics in a lower middle class price range roughly from 500 to 800 crowns per square meter, the upper middle class materials at prices around 800 – 1400 crowns per square meter, or if you wish a luxury brand materials, which prices are over 1400 crowns per square meter (this is mostly from 1400 to 5000 crowns per square meter, but some branded products may cost up to 8000 crowns per square meter).

The designer who will come to you, is an experienced expert

Designer Radomir Petros, who will come to you, is an expert with 20 years experience in the field. He has done more than 1500 successfully completed projects and satisfied customers always like to return to Petroš interier company. They recommend us to friends and acquaintances.

The visit will be in the form of a friendly conversation, the designer will not force you into anything.

Do not be afraid that the designer Radomir Petros will impose any proposal (as it often is a habit of many other architects and designers). The designer will contact you first to talk about your dreams and desires. He will discuss your requirements with you – he will for example be interested to know what style you prefer – modern, classical, romantic or modest, which colours you prefer, if your room primarily needs a decoration or it needs to be shadowed and so forth.

During the interview he will let the atmosphere of the place come to him so that he could recommend the best solution for you. He will add his ideas, thoughts and experiences to your wishes and desires. But always respecting your needs and wishes because you are the one who will live in the interior.

The number of samples he will then present those that best suit your interior. Together you select those that will be most suitable and that you will like best. The designer will then propose the ideal way of sewing for the selected materials and then measures all and calculates material consumption. You can make your interior perfect by adding wallpaper, carpets, other shading technique – it all depends on your requirements. The whole visit is a nice conversation during which you feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to prepare for a visit of the designer

You do not need to prepare for the designer visit. It is sufficient if you find enough time and then you can just enjoy the beautiful new style of your interior. Visit of the designer takes on average about 3 to 4 hours, for larger orders it is often much longer. By doing so, you will have a enough time to go over everything, evaluate and select the best.

Although it is not in today's hectic-paced time, everybody in the company Petroš interier is trying hard to invest maximum amount of positive energy into their work. We believe this energy stays within the products and that your new decorations will bring even more joy to you.

A reliable and experienced team of experts will process your order perfectly

After his leaving the designer will calculate a price offer for your selected decorations. Once you confirm and send it back seamstresses start the work in the sewing workshop Petroš interier.

Your new curtains, Roman blinds, or Japanese walls will be sewn by seamstresses with years of experience, who have long specialization in the manufacture of window decorations. The difference between current seamstresses elsewhere and these are our specialized seamstresses is great. Imagine the difference when visiting your general practitioner and a specialist clinic. Thanks to their professional experience and technical background, you can be sure that your curtains and drapes will be in the best hands and that will be perfect.

Finished decorations and shading devices will then arrive at their destination installed by experienced technicians. They will not only hang your new curtains and drapes but they will also iron them so that your decorations look perfect. We do everything to maximize your comfort and satisfaction.

You do not have to worry about long terms – we know you are eager to have your new decorations

We always do our best so that you get your new windows decorations and shading devices as soon as possible. It depends on the quantity and the type of these materials – it is always necessary to negotiate individually, but the whole order since the deposit has been paid is usually done within three or four weeks.

Check the photographs of projects we have completed and the messages our customers left there for you

If you still doubt whether you will like the design of our designer, see the photo gallery of our realizations, if your ideas are similar to ours. Except for the section „Profigallery“ all the photos you can find in the photogallery are original photographs of Petroš interier realizations.

Important customers can have advantage of

Visiting the designer is of course not free of charge. However, major business customers may get the professional advice for free.

When the designer visits you, a fee for the design and the cost of transport is charged. The design costs 1200 CZK. Transport costs are charged according to the list which follows.

How can you get a design made by a professional designer for free?

The price of design is 1200 CZK. On condition that you place an order for goods above 25 000 CZK, we will substract the amount of half price of a design from a total price of your order – that is 600 CZK. If you place an order above 50 000 CZK, subsequently we will substract all amount of design price from sum total of order – that is 1200 CZK – and you will get your design from us really free.


//We charge transport costs according to the following distances://

  • City Frýdek-Místek and surroundings: 0 CZK
  • City Třinec and surroundings: 300 CZK
  • District Ostrava: 300 CZK
  • Districts Opava, Karviná and Nový Jičín: 500 CZK
  • Districts Bruntál: 1000 CZK
  • Olomouc region – districts Olomouc, Přerov, Prostějov + Vyškov: 800 CZK
  • Olomouc region – districts Šumperk, Jeseník: 1200 CZK
  • Zlín region – districts Zlín, Kroměříž, Uherské Hradiště and Vsetín: 1000 CZK
  • South Moravia – districts Brno, Blansko: 1000 CZK
  • South Moravia – districts Břeclav, Hodonín and Znojmo: 1200 CZK
  • Vysočina region – districts Jihlava, Havlíčkův Brod, Pelhřimov, Třebíč and Žďár nad Sázavou: 1200 CZK
  • Hradec Králové region – districts Hradec Králové, Jičín, Náchod, Rychnov nad Kněžnou and Trutnov: 1200 CZK
  • Pardubice region – districts Pardubice, Chrudim, Svitavy and Ústí nad Orlicí: 1200 CZK
  • Liberec region – districts Liberec, Česká Lípa, Jablonec nad Nisou, Semily: 2000 CZK
  • Ústí nad Labem region – districts Ústí nad Labem, Děčín, Chomutov, Litoměřice, Louny, Most and Teplice: 2500 CZK
  • Pilsen region – districts Pilsen, Domažlice, Klatovy, Rokycany, Tachov: 2200 CZK
  • South Bohemia region – districts České Budějovice, Krumlov, Písek, Prachatice, and Strakonice: 2000 CZK
  • South Bohemia region – districts Jindřichův Hradec and Tábor: 1500 CZK
  • Karlovy Vary region – districts Karlovy Vary, Cheb, Sokolov: 2500 CZK
  • Central region – districts Beroun, Kladno, Mělník, Příbram and Rakovník: 1500 CZK
  • Central region – districts Benešov, Kolín, Kutná Hora, Mladá Boleslav and Nymburk: 1200 CZK
  • Prague-city: 1200 CZK

The price for the design and transportation must be paid in cash during the visit of the designer.


//We charge transport costs according to the following distances://

  • Čadca – 20 Euro
  • Žilina – 25 Euro
  • Martin – 30 Euro
  • Trenčín – 40 Euro
  • Piešťany – 40 Euro
  • Nitra – 60 Euro
  • Bratislava – 60 Euro
  • Prievidza – 35 Euro
  • Ružomberok – 35 Euro
  • Dolny Kubín – 35 Euro
  • Bánská Bystrica – 40 Euro
  • Zvolen – 50 Euro
  • Poprad – 60 Euro
  • Prešov – 80 Euro
  • Košice – 80 Euro

If you are from somewhere else than those towns listed above, the price will be charged according to the city, town you are closest to.

The price of design is 50 €. On condition that you place an order for goods above 1000 €, we will substract the amount of half price of a design from a total price of your order – that is 25 €. If you place an order above 2000 €, subsequently we will substract all amount of design price from sum total of order – that is 50 € – and you will get your design from us really free.

The price for the design and transport must be paid in cash during the visit of the designer.


Transport costs will be consulted individually.

The price of design is 40 €. On condition that you place an order for goods above 800 €, we will substract the amount of half price of a design from a total price of your order – that is 20€. If you place an order above 1600 €, subsequently we will substract all amount of design price from sum total of order – that is 40 € – and you will get your design from us really free.

The price for the design and transport must be paid in cash during the visit of the designer.

Invite a designer:

I am interested in:

I have a interior:

I'm interested in the shade of these rooms:

Suggest the price range for yourself:

You do not need to fill these in. However, it is in your best interest as we bring several big suitcases of fabric samples with us. And these are far not all we have in our stock. We try to pre-choose and bring the materials you would prefer in your interior and which would fit there. The approximate price range is an important factor here.

Prices below apply for curtains and heavy curtains. We consider the length of curtains 260 cm and the width 140 cm for heavy curtains.