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Do you want your Roman blinds to be extremely beautiful and original? We care about that! Therefore, we give thoughts to your Roman blinds, and search for the finest fabrics around the world and can make it perfect.

Roman blinds are sewn by TOP seamstresses

Roman blinds are one of our main specialties. Handy seamstresses in Petroš interier workshop make Roman blinds with great practice, they made hundreds of them – and therefore we believe that Roman blinds will be done for you precisely and perfectly.

//The photographs of Roman blinds which come from our workshop can be seen here:// http://www.petros-interier.cz/…fotogalerie/

Selection of materials for your Roman blinds? With the utmost care!

We care about the fact that Roman blinds coming from Petroš interier workshop are always quality, beautiful and original. Therefore when choosing from our suppliers around the world we focus on the preparation of special collections of decorative fabrics which parameters are particularly suitable for making Roman blinds. We import beautiful quality fabrics which you can not find anywhere else!

//Many of these fabrics you can see here:// http://www.petros-interier.cz/…mske-rolety/

What are Roman blinds and what are their benefits?

Roman blinds and curtains do not lose the romance of airy curtains. Roman blinds can be sewn from traditional curtain or drapery material. The selection of materials for sewing Roman blinds is enormous, almost inexhaustible. Here you can choose from thousands of designs and colours. For the production of Roman blinds we also import more and mor trendy new materials from all over the world.

No rolling, but romantic waves

The Roman blinds is not a fabric rewinded on a pole, but pleads in horizontal waves. Roman blinds are very decorative and thanks to the materials used make a finer and friendly impression unlike classical blinds.

The control is simple and practical

Roman blinds are managed by a chain or cord. In most cases, we use chain control, which ensures their even movement up.

Roman blinds in an unusual window? No problem.

We are able to sew Roman blinds also for atypical shapes of windows, roof windows, angled windows and so on. All types of Roman blinds can be fitted with motorized or manual control.

Our tip:

  • For more photos and information about the Roman blinds in Czech look here: http://www.petros-interier.cz/…mske-rolety/
  • Have your Roman blinds for your windows designed by a designer. For more information, click here: http://www.petros-interier.cz/…signera.html
  • If you are interested to see reeling and classic blinds. This type of blinds has recently undergone many innovations – there are better materials and handling. You can choose from hundreds of fabric patterns for fabric roller blinds. Our offer is also available Blinds for roof windows and exterior shutters are available in our offer as well. More information about winding blinds here: http://www.petros-interier.cz/katalog/rolety/


Curtains that you buy will be what you will have in the coming months and years before your eyes every day, what you will touch and what will be the pride of your interior. Curtains – it is lightness, curtains are romance, curtains are a fashion accessory and a practical part of shielding of your interior…

Curtains for interior are one of the major company specialization. We care for your windows so that your curtains look airy, exclusively and are easily operated. Therefore we place great emphasis on original design, quality of sewing and select our suppliers of curtains very carefully.

Curtains are always sewn only from quality branded materials. Do not rely only on the Czech market, but we cooperate with many outstanding manufacturers from Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Spain and the Netherlands. We also immport most of the fabrics from abroad. We avoid buying poor quality curtains from Asia on purpose.

Our court supplier of curtains is company renowned for quality and reliability – Wölfel German company, which is among the last manufacturers of curtains in Germany. Many other companies no longer have their traditional production, they changed for a cheaper but lower quality imports from the Middle East.

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Drapery are back in fashion. Whether used alone or in combination with another type of shading, always give the room a sense of comfort and home. Aesthetic drapes also perfectly block curious looks from the outside and give your home comfortable privacy. They can even significantly improve the acoustics of the interior and you will feel comfortable.


Do you want to make your interior look exclusive? You need to decorate it with the so called „icing on the cake?“ Do you prefer luxury but do not insist on branded goods? Then the Exclusive collection of hangers is just right for you. Whether it is silk drapes, embroidered, natural and elegant, it is always the best of what the market offers.


Japanese panesl – variable and stylish alternative for shading

An interesting alternative to blinds or curtains can be a Japanese sliding wall panel. Japanese panels are based on thousands-year-tested tradition. They are also very functional, beautiful and elegant. For the construction of Japanese panels can use a wide range of decorative fabrics from translucent light curtains to opaque curtain material or special solid blinds.

Japanese sliding walls are very variable. Ideal for shading windows, separating rooms, to cover the various shelving systems and changing rooms, you can find a good use of it at home and in restaurants, medical facilities. They can be practical in the office for variable separation of work places and the like.

You can choose the height, width and number of Japanese sliding wall panels, the method of operation and material.

How do the Japanese panels work?

Japanese sliding walls are mounted on upper aluminum bar that can be from two to five slots. In each one moves one or more carriers of individual cloth panels which length is optional according to your needs.

Each carriers of a single Japanese panel moves on special wheels so that the movement is quiet, smooth and easy. Japanese wall panels themselves are attached to the sliding support with Velcro fastener. Strips of Japanese walls are provided by hidden lead that ensures their straint at the bottom.

Top rails and sliding panels of Japanese panels are made of surface-treated aluminum. The basic colour is white and at an additional cost we can also deliver it in silver or bronze colour. Plastic components which are used here are made of very high quality plastic that does not lose elasticity even after many years of use.

How is the Japanese panel controled?

Japanese sliding walls offer several different control methods. Manual control is possible simply by pulling the fabric. It is also possible to equip the Japanese panels with string or rod control. It is more comfortable to control the systém with a quiet and reliable electric motor with remote control or button.

However the variability of Japanese wall does not end here. Japanese sliding walls also offer a variety of options in a way of drawing the panels – from one side to the other, to both sides, centrally in the center, or even irregularly varying according to actual needs.

Maintenance of the Japanese sliding wall

Users of Japanese panels greatly appreciate the ease of maintenance. Intelligent way of attaching fabric panels to carriers with Velcro for easy removing the fabrics enables easy pulling down of the fabrics and it is also easy to pull the lower reinforcement weight out. After washing you put the fabric back easily, back to its place. Fabrics are cleaned or laundered according to the material used and the manufacturer's in­structions. Rolling fabrics shall be clean duster or vacuum cleaner.

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Cornices, that are no longer just sticks onto which the curtains are hung. Today cornices, it is combination of beauty, taste and effectiveness. Beautiful curtain rail can decorate your interior and be a reliable detector of luxury.

You can find a huge number of kinds of cornices in various qualities – from cornices of unknown origin from an anonymous marketplace to luxury branded goods. Their quality and appearance mostly show it.

In company Petroš interier you will find only the rails, of which we have thoroughly checked the quality. We strive to keep good value for your money.

We appreciate the time that you spend with us, so you definitely will not be offered any cheap low-quality pieces. However, we do not forget about the cheaper cornices – on the contrary, in the menu you will find a number of them. Our offer of cheap cornices is designed for you, their affordable price for good quality.

For demanding customers we made a collection of luxury brass cornices, stainless steel cornices and fantastic Italian brand design cornices by Mottura.



We present the news in the style of drapery curtains and draperies – Wave system

What is the Wave system?

So called Wave system hides a perfect, regular and uniform ripple of curtains or drapes when the fabric does not produce traditional folds but smooth slow waves along its entire height. Thanks to this the curtains and drapes look perfect and very elegant. Curtains and drapes using the Wave system can draw and draw off normally. Because the curtains and drapes are without folds, they can be easily maintained and well ironed.

How does the wave system work?

Regular rippling of curtains or special hinges is managed by especial technique. On top of the decorative fabric is sewn special reinforcing tape that is not folded, as usual, but remains straight. Regular waves are created by riders in the cornices. They are bonded with a thin string, which ensures accurate spacing. The size and number of waves can be influenced by different spacing between riders.

What rails are suitable for Wave system?

For this type of curtain or drapery curtain is suitable to use angular curtain rails Square line or certain types of technical cornices, Trieste i.e. type of the 7350-th.

//Offer of curtain rails is found at this link:// http://www.petros-interier.cz/…log/garnyze/

SQUARE LINE rail Wave system suits very nice. These curtain rails Square line brackets are hung on the wall.
SQUARE LINE rail Wave system suits very nice. These curtain rails Square line brackets are hung on the wall.

Who is the Wave system suitable for?

Wave system will appeal especially those looking for perfection and admiring clean and simple style.

WAVE SYSTEM is ideal for curtains and drapes. These curtains draped with Wave technology systems are hung on technical cornices.
WAVE SYSTEM is ideal for curtains and drapes. These curtains draped with Wave technology systems are hung on technical cornices.

Wave system scores

Wave system was presented by the company Petroš Interier Trends 2009 in fair competition Window in the interior, where it won first prize with this news. This achievement is even more valuable because the winner was chosen by the fair visitors themselves.

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More and more customers discover the magic and beauty of a completely new type of shading, which is PLISSE.

Until recently, plissé was used almost exclusively to shield conservatories or bathrooms. With the development of production technologies and all the new and nicer designs, people start to use this eminently practical kind of shielding increasingly. They use it for shading of the windows in all the house. It deservedly gains more attention for its extraordinary good look and practicality. It fits everywhere where blinds would fit. They can be used independently, but are mostly practical accessory for curtains and draperies.

The biggest advantage of plisse is its easy maintenance (you wipe the dust from it with one stroke, some types can even be washed) and variability – most of plisses can be drawn from up and down and can be easily fixed at any position suiting you. Plisse fits into atypical shapes of windows.

We offer a huge selection of fabrics with different specific plisse properties (fully obscure blackout fabrics, insulating fabrics, double plisse, translucent curtain plisse, shading plisse, fabrics with different textures, patterns and prints, etc.)

The main advantages compared to blinds is this:

  • More luxurious appearance
  • Better reflection of the sun's heat out of the room – better thermal insulation properties
  • Incomparably easier maintenance
  • Large shading variability (pulling from above and below, fixing in the center of the window)
  • A huge variety of colours and designs, various specific options according to your individual requirements

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The windows that need to be shaded you can use in addition to other types of screening and any kind of blinds. Whether you prefer Roman blinds, classic fabric roller blinds or roller shutters, blinds they always meet both their practical role, but alsoadd flair and elegance to the interior.

Blinds are no longer what they used to be

Classic with a winding roller on a pole are being used for many decades. Even the classic pull-down, however in recent years has seen a little innovation. For example, disobedient springs, which often resembled rather a maverick gave way to more elegant and reliable chain control. With this small bells and whistles operating is now comfortable and stoppable at any height.

Blinds today can reflect heat and darken

Today's blinds can be made from a variety of special fabrics. As an example we mention blackout blinds which are not transparent to light, or blinds from material Screen which reflects heat well. This feature will be appreciated by people who have windows turned to the south and interior is therefore easily overheated. During the day blinds Screen look transparent from the inside out, too. No exception is to have fireproof blinds.

We offer hundreds of types of blinds

Offer of blind fabrics continues to expand and improve. At present you can choose from hundreds of single-colour and patterned materials with us – depending on your taste and requirements. You can choose from drop-down fabrics in pastel shades and expressive colours, or you can choose from various structures of fabrics and materials from which the blinds are made – from cotton to PVC. There are blinds printed with woven pattern. You can choose blinds as thin as curtains, medium thick and blackout which are not transparent to light.

Outdoor blinds

Interior shutters can be very practical and also combinable with any type of exterior shutters.

Blinds are not only reeling

If you find classical winding shutters too austere, you will definitely like Roman blinds.

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A revolutionary new product on the market is double blinds. You can find it under names such as blinds, shutters, blinds duo, zebra blinds, shutters day and night and so on.

It is a sophisticated system that combines practicality of blinds, shutters and elegance and airiness of curtains. Duo blinds are first roller blinds that can provide continuous control of light in the interior.

Amazing possibilities of duo blinds are given by the original concept which consists of regular alternating transparent and opaque stripes. You choose the option – open alternative, or intimate one. Elegance meets functionality.

According to your personal taste, you can opt for a version with an aluminum cassette, or without it. Duo blinds can be controlled by either a ball chain, or an integrated electric motor.

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Nets are a natural, effective protection against insects. Although their function is primarily practical, they become an elegant complement for windows and doors.

The net is made of glass-fiber coated in plastic, which does not rust and can tolerate temperature differences. Not to cause distraction on the window, they are available in gray or black colours, according to customer requirements. The insect nets do not disturb.

Insect net frames are made of painted sheet metal or aluminum profiles which ensures their longevity. The frames are attached at the corners by plastic elements. Thanks to a wide range of net profiles it is not a problem to fit the insect nets with almost any standard window or door.

Insect nets can be made in an oblique design. The frame of insect nets can be attached to the window in several ways and they do not interfere with the window frame.

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Awnings will be appreciated in houses and companies: pleasant sitting in the shade in the middle of a hot sunny day – that's what we offer.

Who would not love a beautiful warm sunny summer? To spend it even more comfortably, we have prepared a unique offer of awnings.

During the day you are protected from direct sunrays and sitting in the soft coloured light, while in the evening you spend time in comfort until the late hours. Awnings can provide exactly this feeling. It creates widely usable outdoor space in your house and will also make your outdoor space elegant.

Awnings that we supply are of high quality. You can use them to shade your pleasant terrace or balcony or can be well suited for screening garden restaurant, shop windows, above the entrances of hotels and establishments and other places.

Each customer has different requirements for quality, appearance and functionality of awnings – some customers need more ordinary awning for a good price, many other customers on the contrary emphasize the highest quality and comfort. Therefore, we have divided our awning into two categories:

  • First category – Standard awnings
  • Second category – Awnings exclusive


We supply various textile accessories such as harness, loops, tassels, decorative trim, decorative beads, pompons, lace, ribbons and other necessary ornaments for curtains and drapes. We also supply hooks and clips to attach them and arrange own ties.

You can choose textile bindings and decorations from the smallest to the huge shaggy decorative tassels, and all in a wide range of colours and various designs and styles. The selection is huge.

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