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We are sure that you have in mind a beautiful idea of how your home, office, hotel or interior of the company should look like. Just to find and choose the right fabrics, sew them beautifully, supplement the carpet and decorate the walls with wallpaper. You want your interior to represent your style perfectly, nobly reflect your best taste.

In the Czech Republic, however, there are few places where you get all this together, under one roof, with a large selection and where you could also consult your choice with a reknown expert who will respect your traditions, style and your strict requirements.

Contact us with confidence proven by experience of your friends

Company Petroš interior has been bringing the beauty and luxury to your interior for 20 years. Among our satisfied customers are in addition to Czech firms and households also Slovak, Russian, Vietnamese, Austrian and other households.

//See photos of projects, which came out of the workshop Petroš interior. See here:// http://www.petros-interier.cz/…fotogalerie/

Among our esteemed clients you can find i.e. Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Ostrava, where we fitted curtains, pelmets and also for instance the Czech Republic Embassy in Cairo, where we have supplied curtains, curtains and pelmets as well.

Our best advertising is a recommendation

Our best advertising is hundreds of satisfied customers who recommend company Petroš interior to their best friends. Thanks to this people, hoteliers and large companies in all corners of the Czech Republic and abroad know us.

From all we can name New Svetlov castle, Vinařice castle,Frýdek castle and Beskydy Museum in Frýdek, Hotel Atom in Ostrava, Czech restaurant Nautilus in Ceske Budejovice, mountain hotel Beltine in Ostravice, the Golden Eagle Hotel in Ostravice, guesthouse Residence in Mohelnice, Beskydy Solan hotel, guesthouse Holzberg in Suchá Rudná in Jeseníky, offices in Siko Company Czech Budejovice, a number of family houses and luxury apartments and many more.

//References and recommendations of our satisfied customers can be found here:// http://www.petros-interier.cz/…kazniku.html

What do you get?

Decorative fabrics for curtains and draperies, cornices, canopies, luxurious wallpaper and carpets imported from approved manufacturers from all around the world. Most luxury brands used are products from France, England, Germany, Austria, Italy or the Netherlands.

We use for your home famous French charm and elegance of very delicate Italian materials. Classic but passionate fabrics from Spain or England are extremely useful for traditional interiors. Modern style admirers would appreciate the quality of materials in the style of the Netherlands, which are suitable for simple curtains and Roman blinds. For modern and more decorative style is good to use fabrics produced in Germany and for demanding customers we can recommend precise shading technology from a prestigious Austrian brand.

We save you time and worries

Designer Radomir Petroš will come to you with a few suitcases filled with hundreds of samples of fabrics pre-chosen especially for you. You do not need to worry you would not choose – the choice is really large. The designer brings the samples directly to your house so you only choose in the comfort of your house. You will not have to waste time by running around the shops and you can be sure that you choose exactly the materials and colours that will suit your interior most. The designer will help you find the perfect style, colour, material and gathering, measure all and calculate consumption. This saves you worrying, time and money spent on unnecessary expenses.

We add an idea to the vision of the customer. We will not force you into anything

We want to add ideas and perfect interior processing to your interior to make it sparkle, be original and good quality. Our experienced designer with 20 years of experience in the field will talk to you about your ideas and desires. To those then adds his own thoughts, ideas and experiences. The designer will definitely not force you into anything (unlike the many other architects), and will always respect your wishes and desires. Everything is in the form of pleasant conversation.

Every space is different starting with its light, zoning, combination of colous and styles. People living there also differ. Therefore, the designer himself leaves it all to come to him nad then advises what would fit to the spirit of the place and what would give it style. After that he selects the material with you and choose the optimal method of sewing and hanging it and recommend other details and accessories.

We guarantee perfect fabrication

Once the design is tuned to the last detail, experienced sewers in Petroš interior workshops will convert it into reality. Technicians then install the finished product on the spot.

You can rely on strong background

Company Petroš interior has twenty years experience in the field. We work with the best manufacturers of textiles, home accessories and shielding techniques from all over Europe and the world. You can choose from thousands of materials, patterns and colours.

The company designer, who will visit you, is an expert at colour consultancy and in technical matters. He has worked in the field for 20 years and has done more than 1500 successful projects. He always recommends and suggests his clients the best type of sewing and hanging for the selected material and style. According to your request, he also recommends suitable carpets, wallpaper and shielding technology.

Experienced sewers in the workshops Petroš interior sew the designed decorations precisely. Technicians will arrive at the destination and install the products on spot. Everything leads to the maximum comfort and satisfaction of customers.

We confirm the quality at competitions

We confirm our lead place in the world at prestigious decorators´ competitions.

To the competitive success of the firm Petroš interior belongs a victory in the competition „Window in the interior“, which took place at the international exhibition Trends 2009 in Prague. We won at this prestigious event at a very strong competition of well-known companies dealing with interior decoration. We appreciate the prize even more as the winner was chosen by the exhibition visitors alone. The winning design window is copyright Petroš interior design workshop.

We also appreciate success in competitions „Window and style“ at PRAGOINTERIER fairs in 2005 and 2006, where we also won twice in a row. A success is also second place at the competition „Window in interior“ at a prestigious fair Tendence 2000 or third place in the same competition in 2002.

We would be very happy to continue in participating at similar design and dekorators´ competitions. Unfortunately, since our last victory in 2009 they do not perform the competition any more.

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